Pangaea X est un programme éducatif et environnemental visant à soutenir et à encourager les jeunes dans la réalisation de projets innovants ayant un impact positif sur notre planète. À travers des défis annuels portant sur diverses questions environnementales, Mike Horn appelle la jeunesse internationale à agir en proposant des solutions pour aider à résoudre ces problèmes. Une fois le programme terminé, l’explorateur embarquera la dernière équipe dans une aventure qui changera sa vie. 


La première édition de Pangaea X a été lancée le 9 janvier, sur le thème des #océans. Les jeunes européens âgés de 16 à 25 ans avaient jusqu’au 6 mars pour proposer leurs idées de projets liés à la préservation des océans. Cette première édition a été exclusivement proposée aux francophones vivant en Europe, avec l’intention de se mondialiser en 2023. Grâce au soutien et à l’expertise du jury de Pangaea X, soigneusement sélectionné, 10 équipes ont été retenues pour intégrer le programme. Dès le mois d’avril, les équipes ont 5 mois pour prouver leur détermination et leurs capacités en passant les 3 phases de sélection pour atteindre la grande finale le 17 septembre 2022. Ponctuellement tout au long du programme, les participants seront invités à rejoindre Mike Horn et l’équipe de Pangaea X, à rencontrer les coachs qui leur ont été attribués et à participer à différents ateliers animés par des experts pour challenger leurs idées et développer des solutions concrètes.



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Maxime Dumont

Program Leader

Laura Favre

Head of project

Emma Buck

Project Coordinator

Jessica Horn

Head of Partnerships

Mike Horn

Project Dreamer

Annika Horn

Head of communication
  • Maxime Dumont

    Program Leader
  • Laura Favre

    Head of project
  • Emma Buck

    Project Coordinator
  • Jessica Horn

    Head of Partnerships
  • Mike Horn

    Project Dreamer
  • Annika Horn

    Head of communication

Meet the team

Découvrez la folle équipe derrière le programme Pangaea X. Désolé, la page est encore en français, mais la version anglaise arrive bientôt ! 🚀🧨


    Have you seen our latest YouTube video?! (Link in bio!) It's the first episode of our Pangaea X series!

    Subscribe to the @pangaea.x channel and follow our 10 selected teams work hard to turn their ideas into concrete projects!

    We hope this series will inspire you too to make your dreams come true…but for that, the first step is DISCIPLINE 🔥

    Do you consider yourself disciplined enough or is there still room for progress?

    Once you’ve watched the video, we'd love to get your feedback and encouragements in the comment section - Link in bio 🥳

    See you soon for episode 2!

    Meet @projet.mersee, the sporty team X ! 💪

    MerSee is a collaborative solution, based on #AI to support authorities in detecting, acting upon and prosecuting illegal behaviours and activities on the ocean.

    📸 @jossmalice

    We are very proud to share that @trashtag.io has been selected to take part in the Tech for Change Challenge at the @changenow_world 2022, the biggest event for our planet where the most innovative solutions are brought together for the wellbeing of our planet.

    We promise you, these guys are going to change the game 🚀

    NOUVEAU WEBINAR LE 23 MAI 2022 A 12H00!

    Intéressé par le Growth Hacking ? Rejoins nous mardi prochain pour une conférence donnée par Maël Calame !

    Consultant, formateur et sparring partner au sein de l’agence Starterland, Maël a eu une réelle passion pour le marketing et l’entrepreneuriat. Véritable « Community Agitator », il a conseillé plus de 1500 entreprises tant à un niveau stratégique qu’opérationnel.

    Inscris-toi dès à présent !
    Lien dans la bio

    Meet @plastic.to.brick , the good mood team ! 😎

    PTB’s project focuses on the supply and demand for recycled plastic. Today, most industries using recycled #plastic as raw material, lack sufficient quantities to produce fully recycled products.

    PTB thus aims to optimise plastic #recycling in two stages, 1) by collecting recyclable plastics at the source and 2) by creating local processing networks using state-of-the art technologies.

    Meet @oyster.ba, the power duo ! 🐚

    Oyster aims to #preserve marine ecosystems and their biodiversity by reusing shell waste.

    By using empty oyster shells, the local business will design relocation supports for endangered marine species based on a #circular economy.


    Rejoins-nous mardi 17 mai à 12h00 à 13h00 pour une conférence donnée par Youness Yaghcha sur le thème du mindset de l’entrepreneur et l’ADN de l’innovateur !

    Avec plus de 10 ans d’expérience dans l’innovation, l’entrepreneuriat et les investissements, Youness est un expert de l'autonomisation et de l'éducation des futurs créateurs à @e_innovation_labs

    N’attends plus ! Inscris-toi dès à présent pour en savoir plus sur la fusion entre l’entrepreneurship et l’innovation 💡

    Link in bio 👆

    Meet @trashtag.io, the geeky team ! 🚀

    TrashTag aims to create a mobile application on which users earn crypto by collecting waste.

    Throughout its different technologies such as #NFTs, AI and #Blockchain, the app aims to create an economic interest by depolluting the environment.

    Meet Fogoba, our team of #marine biologists ! 🐳

    Through their project named @enereef.project , Fogoba aims to create a costal multi-energetic structure with an artificial #reef at its base.

    Their goal is to generate and provide green and #renewable #energy at the service of #biodiversity.

    Meet @algoclip, a focused team with a crazy idea 💪

    Algoclip aims to reduce #water pollution by eliminating heavy metals contained in #cigarettes through the use of natural elements used innovatively.

    Their solution will also allow the easily collection of cigarette butts from the #oceans.

    In the meantime, here are the incredible #coaches that accompany the @pangaea.x teams 🤩

    10 teams, 10 talented coaches, each experts in their fields, investing their #time and #energy in helping each project structure itself and come to life!

    It’s inspiring to see the energy and potential that can be generated simply by surrounding yourself with the right people ☀️

    @pangaea.x & our 10 teams are VERY #LUCKY to be able to count on you guys 🍀 THANK YOU!

    📸 @hugohmygod

    Meet @bionet_pangaeax, our all-guys team from Lyon, France!

    BioNet aims to propose the first #fishing net made entirely of #natural materials. The net they wish to create will be 100% #biodegradable, decomposing in just under a year.

    The goal is to limit the amount of #plastic dumped in the #oceans each year, while considerably reducing the effects of ghost fishing on #marinelife.

    📸 @jossmalice

    🧽🔱 Last weekend, during an online follow-up session with our 10 amazing teams, we were very lucky to welcome Noël, the cofounder of @theaquaverse. Noël delivered an incredibly inspiring talk exposing his #learnings and #experiences at the head of a start-up combining two incoming revolutions for humankind: #Blockchain & #Ecology.

    If you haven’t heard of @theaquaverse yet, you absolutely need to check their work out! In a couple words, @theaquaverse’s objective is to clean up #oceans via sea sponge 🧽 aquaculture thanks to the support of a community created through #NFT collections and Blockchain. Fascinating, right?! 💥

    Their #innovative and creative #startup aligns perfectly with the type of projects we wish to shape with the @Pangaea.X program. It was thus a great honour for us to hear what Noël had to say about the #challenges linked to developing such a project and the #mindset necessary to transform a simple idea into something concrete and with #impact 🌍

    More info about @theaquaverse can be found on their social pages, website and discord 🧽🔱

    Meet @team.okeanos 💥

    Our youngest team in the program! Based in Toulouse, France, Okeanos’s project aims to change the textile industry by providing a new type of #sustainable filter. This filter will purify textile wastewater from harmful and polluting chemicals and limit the impact on #biodiversity.

    📸 @team.okeanos

    Meet @bams_healthy_ocean 💥

    This 100% #Swiss team’s project aims to propose a renewable energy kit to replace leisure boat’s older polluting engines with more sustainable and silent ones.

    If any of our teams’ projects raise your interest and you believe you might be able to bring some insight or expertise to their research, please do not hesitate to contact them directly!

    📸 @jossmalice

    Today, the @pangaea.x team went to visit @columbia_eu to present the project and its progress.

    We want to thank them for their support in this adventure !

    Ready to meet our 10 teams?! Let’s start by introducing you to AU BORD DE L’EAU (@aubord_de_l_eau4) 🌊

    This quiet but passionate team is made up of Tom, Louis, Julie & Julie and these four students study #biology in Bordeaux, France 🇫🇷

    AU BORD DE L’EAU’s objective is to protect corals by limiting one of their greatest threats: #sunscreens. No product currently on the market is safe for the #environment. This team this wants to create a sunscreen without negative impact on marine #biodiversity. Following their workshop in Switzerland and accompanied by their coach @fredericlamon, AU BORD DE L’EAU have now decided to take their idea a step further by aiming to create a sunscreen that benefits corals contributing to their growth, an eco-positive sunscreen for all!

    Discover the other teams on our website (pangaeax.org) or wait until our next post 😉

    📸 @jossmalice



    À travers son programme, Pangaea X vise non seulement à sensibiliser aux questions environnementales, mais aussi à responsabiliser les jeunes en leur offrant une plateforme pour transformer leur énergie, leur passion et leurs idées en solutions concrètes. Grâce à l’alliance de nos valeurs communes, de nos domaines d’expertise et de nos forces, un plus grand impact sur notre planète et notre jeunesse est garanti !

    Au-delà d’un simple partenariat. Ensemble, nous allons :

    -> Soutenet des projets concrets en accord avec vos valeurs et vos initiatives.
    -> Sensibilisez et jouez un rôle actif dans le bien-être de notre planète.
    -> Investissez dans les jeunes générations en leur donnant des responsabilités en tant que futurs leaders mondiaux.

    e-mail : contact@pangaeax.org


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