Pangaea X is an education and environmental program aimed to support and encourage youth in the realisation of innovative projects with a positive impact on our planet. Through annual challenges set on diverse environmental issues, Mike Horn calls international youth to take action by proposing solutions to help solve these problems. Once the program completed, the explorer will embark the final team on a life-changing adventure. 
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Final Ceremony

Each participant started the program with one idea in mind: « 6 months to go from an idea to a tangible project that will have a positive impact on the environment. » Did they live up to the challenge ? Find out on the 16th of September !

On the agenda, Mike Horn with a keynote on the role of youth in the preservation of the planet, pitch session of the Pangaea X teams, intervention of David Laroche, round table with Mike Horn and surprise guests. An unmissable event bringing together the major players in the sector and committed young people.


The first edition of Pangaea X was launched on January 9th, on the theme of #oceans. European youth between the ages of 16 and 25 were given until March 6th to propose their project ideas related to ocean conservation. This first edition of the program was exclusively proposed to French speakers living in Europe with the intention of going global in 2023. Thanks to the support and expertise of Pangaea X’s carefully-selected jury, 10 teams were chosen to integrate the program. Starting in April, the teams have 5 months to prove their determination and capabilities by passing the 3 selection phases to reach the grand finale on September 17th, 2022. Punctually throughout the program, participants will be invited to join Mike Horn and the Pangaea X team, to meet their allocated coaches and to attend various workshops given by experts to challenge their ideas and develop concrete solutions.



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Maxime Dumont

Program Leader

Laura Favre

Head of project

Emma Buck

Project Coordinator

Jessica Horn

Head of Partnerships

Mike Horn

Project Dreamer

Annika Horn

Head of communication
  • Maxime Dumont

    Program Leader
  • Laura Favre

    Head of project
  • Emma Buck

    Project Coordinator
  • Jessica Horn

    Head of Partnerships
  • Mike Horn

    Project Dreamer
  • Annika Horn

    Head of communication

Meet the team

Discover the crazy team behind the Pangaea X program. Sorry, the page is still in French, but the English version is coming soon! 🚀🧨


    A week ago, we welcomed our 5 finalist teams at @joinstationf in Paris.

    The biggest incubator for startups in the world, Station F was the ideal location for our teams to pitch their projects in front of the @pangaea.x jury.

    6 months ago, 150 projects were submitted, 10 were selected to integrate the program, then 5 went onto the second phase and last week, one final winner was announced!

    It’s been a challenging journey for our selected teams. They started with a simple idea and today we have concrete projects aspiring to contribute to preserving our oceans 🌊

    We are so proud of the progress that have made and the resilience and determination they have shown and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

    This might be the end of our first edition, but it’s the beginning of life changing projects for a better future!

    🎥 @hugohmygod

    “Collaboration is the new competition!” @mikehornexplorer sharing survival tips applicable to the success of entrepreneurial projects. Build bridges not walls 🤝 ...

    The 5th finalist is @enereef.project !

    This team of passionate marine biologists and engineers share @mikehornexplorer ‘s favorite playground: the ocean.

    By creating an artificial reef at the base of offshore wind-turbines, they aim to save biodiversity whilst tracking their activity.

    Want to find out more ? Get your ticket for the final ceremony, the 16th of September, in Paris. Link in bio

    🎥: @claudiachudzik

    @projet.mersee is the next finalist we wanted to present to you!

    By using artificial intelligence they are hoping to reduce illegal fishing. A big challenge for a big team!

    Find out more here 👉 @projet.mersee

    🎥: @claudiachudzik

    The workshop held in July did put our teams to the test. Creating their business plan and being challenged by different experts weren’t easy. But, Pangaea X is also about having fun and knowing when to take a break ! 🤣

    Our teams had to find their way across Lausanne, with many challenges along the way.

    To find out more, watch our latest YouTube video. Link in Bio

    🎥: @hugohmygod

    🗣: “Lors de ce workshop n°2, j'ai appris à me projeter plus loin dans notre projet, au delà de l'aventure @pangaea.x.

    Nous avons également eu de nouveaux points de vue concernant le projet de la part d'experts qui nous permet d'affiner un peu plus nos idées.

    En tant que jeunes entrepreneurs en devenir, ce workshop nous a énormément appris sur les aspects juridiques, l'entrepreuneriat ou encore les stratégies de financement.

    Finalement à l’issue de ce workshop je me sens incarner un peu plus @enereef.project, et motivé à développer ce magnifique projet.”

    @nicolas.compinho de l’équipe @enereef.project 🐠

    📸 @streetofswitzerland

    By using oyster waste, @oyster.ba are developing an artificial reef.

    Joined by a third team mate along the way, Oyster is ready to create a circular economy around these prestigious oyster.

    Congratulations on your first appearance in the media ! To check it out, head over to their profile @oyster.ba

    What do you guys think about this project ?

    #circulareconomy #oyster #innovation #ocean

    Meet SERGE FERRARI, the french-based textile company.

    Sustainability being at the heart of what they do, we thought they would be the perfect company to support the project as they are aligned with our values.

    So, what do they do ? By creating different innovative fabrics, their goal is for a better tomorrow.

    Thank you for your support @serge_ferrari

    Less than a month left before the end of the program!

    How are our 5 finalist teams feeling?! How many times do you think they’ve had to pivot their project to maximize their chances of taking the win?! 😅

    GOOD LUCK TEAMS it’s the final stretch!!!

    Awesome #reel by our talented @claudiachudzik 🎥

    & no worries, our dear @hugohmygod was not injured in the production of this video 😂

    Innovation is at the source of what @trashtag.io do!

    By using the newest technologies, they hope to reduce trash on earth through various challenges.

    The easiest way to explain what trashtag do is: Pick up some trash and get rewarded with crypto! Find out more about their project over on their insta page !

    What do you think about crypto?!

    Let us know in the comments below !

    Who hasn’t heard of Columbia?!

    @columbia_eu is an international sportswear brand that creates innovative outdoor gear for a wide variety of sports.
    As you may know, @mikehornexplorer is an ambassador of Columbia. Through this partnership, our relationship grew stronger and our partnership for Pangaea X was born.

    « We started partnering with Mike a year ago. It was naturally a great opportunity to partner with a project like Pangaea X that is in the action and very much in line with our values. Our employees were actually triggered because they also decided to launch an internal operation, a call for internal impactful projects. »

    A great thank you to Columbia for believing in Pangaea X from day 1.

    @bionet_pangaeax is one of the 5 finalists !

    Jonathan, Victor and William are three engineers based in Lyon. Their solution is a biodegradable net that aims to reduce ghost fishing.

    During the second workshop, they were challenged by experts in different domains such as sustainability or even innovation.

    Only one month left until Bionet will present their solution in front of the jury at Station F, Paris.

    Would you invest in this innovative project ?

    🎥 : @claudiachudzik

    @noamyaron_ is a inspiring ultra endurance swimmer based in Morges, Switzerland.

    After setting a record whilst swimming across Lake Geneva, more than 75km in just under 20 hours, he now aims to swim across the 5 biggest lakes of Switzerland in just under 15 days at the end of summer.

    Why does he set himself these impressive challenges? He aims to raise awareness of the problems of plastic and chemical waste in our Swiss lakes.

    To find out more and follow this crazy adventure, head over to Noam’s page @noamyaron_ !

    #NoamYaron #OdysséeDesLacs

    En choisissant de voyager avec les @sbbcffffs , les finalistes de Pangaea X ont alliés créativité, efficacité et préservation du climat pour rejoindre @mikehornexplorer à l’heure ⏱ en #Suisse 🇨🇭 à #Lausanne. Et vous, vous que faites vous pendant vos voyages en train ? 🚝 ...

    🗣: “Je suis le coach de l'équipe @trashtag.io et j'ai l'immense privilège d'accompagner cette équipe brillante vers la concrétisation de leur idée !

    Tout au long du parcours Pangaea X, je les ai vu évoluer en tant qu'equipe mais j'ai surtout vu une évolution importante de leur idée ! Ils sont a l'écoute et chaque nouvelle étape leur permet d'affiner leur projet !

    Ces trois mousquetaires sont promis à un bel avenir et je suis heureux de voir que la nouvelle génération est pleine d'espoir pour l'avenir de notre planète !”

    @luca_snts_93 coach de l’équipe @trashtag.io 🚮

    📸 @streetofswitzerland

    🚨 2 months left before @pangaea.x’s grand finale at @joinstationf in #Paris on the 16th of September 2022!

    ⏰ Time is ticking for our 5 finalist teams. @bionet_pangaeax, @enereef.project, @projet.mersee, @oyster.ba & @trashtag.io, you have 6 more weeks to push your project to the next level!

    🚀 Expectations are high, but so are the stakes! The winning team will not only be awarded money prize but will also be joining @mikehornexplorer on an epic #adventure…and perhaps we have a couple more surprises in store for you 🤫

    💪 We’re counting on you and we’re supporting you until the end!

    Give it your all & see you soon in Paris!

    🗣: “On est très fier de voir l’avancée des équipes sur le projet mais encore plus au niveau personel.

    Les voir évoluer au fil des mois nous inspire et nous pousse à nous dire que la jeunesse déborde d’idées et qu’avec un peu d’aide, elle peut déplacer des montagnes!

    Au delà de la compétition pour un voyage avec Mike, c’est une véritable aventure humaine qui se vit et je suis impatiente de voir jusqu’où on va aller.”

    Laura Favre (@lfv_04) cheffe du projet @pangaea.x 🔥

    📸 @streetofswitzerland


    Become a sponsor

    Through its program, Pangaea X aims not only to raise awareness on environmental issues, but also to empower youth by offering them a platform to transform their energy, passion and ideas into concrete solutions.  Through the alliance of our shared values, fields of expertise and strengths, a greater impact on our planet and our youth is guaranteed!

    Beyond a simple partnership. Together let’s :

    -> Support concrete projects in line with your values and initiatives.
    -> Raise awareness and play active roles in the well-being of our planet.
    -> Invest in younger generation by giving them responsibilities as future world leaders.

    e-mail : contact@pangaeax.org

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